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How to sign in and use the calendar

Good news everyone, we will be using a new online booking calendar starting September 01, 2022. The current calendar will be good for use until August 31, 2022.

The exciting part, for those of you who have had appointments with us in the past, will already have had a profile set up. This is because the software we are currently using for charting your notes, sending you forms and sending your receipts is the same. All we are doing now adding the use of their booking calendar.

Why now?

I’m glad you asked. The current calendar is easier to manipulate on our end and more easily viewed by you. It is also a complete nightmare for us because some of you, who will remain nameless booked for other people in your household under your names and never placed a comment. This new calendar will prevent that. You will have the opportunity to select the account/name of the person you are booking for.

This new booking system also falls in line with most of the other systems you may have encountered while booking other healthcare providers.

So where do we start?

There are a few ways we can do this.

1. You can wait for me to invite you to book yourself in. There will be an email going out either inviting you to book in or to reset your password. (I’m not sure which one you will get). At any rate, follow the simple instructions and read the entire page before clicking everywhere. I would recommend you create/change your password immediately in your account, or, (resetting this password will not reset your password in the current calendar as it uses a different platform)

2. You can go to here, use the same email you receive your receipts/forms at, and use the forgot password button. Get the email to reset password and there you go, or,

3. You can go to and download the app on Android, iOS, and even PC. Its not an app per se but you can save it to your homepage. Sign in using the same email where you receive your forms/receipts and set yourself up a new password in the account section via the forgot password link. This app is in Beta but you can use it for booking appointments (from Sept 01, 2022). The dashboard shows you your appointments and incomplete forms. They (Noterro) are currently working to make previous receipts downloadable, some clinic notes, and ability to put yourself on a waitlist. If I were you I would go for this option.

Tips for getting the best out of the calendar: If the time doesn't work for you, go back and change the duration of service, this may open up more available start times.

Booking for a spouse or children: If you book for someone else, like a spouse or children, let me know and I will send out a verification code to them. They will enter this code as confirmation of permission that you can book for them. If your email is being used on multiple profiles such as your children, be prepared to receive multiple codes. These codes have a 6 day expiry for security. If they do not currently have a profile, you will have to create one first then let me know so I can send them the code.

MOBILE tip: the software still doesn't recognize multiple people at the same address and will automatically add 45min to each massage. The work around is to calculate the total duration of time that we will be there + 45 minutes. The purpose is to block that time so no one else can reserve it. Email or text us as immediately after so we can adjust the appointments accordingly.

Honestly, it will take you less time to go in, create a password and book a treatment than reading this big long thing.

I would appreciate if you bring any issues you bring to my attention while using the app. Noterro regularly keeps updating and trouble shooting so um they know my name very well 😉


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