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Clinic Visits or if this is your first time with us.




Prior to your FIRST treatment you will need to fill out an INITIAL INTAKE FORM ahead of time, online. You can click on the previous link, find the link on our home page or it will be emailed to you a few days prior to your appointment. The form contains health history information, consent to treatment and privacy statement. The information will allow for a treatment plan to be designed specifically for you. It will help if you have a list of medications, surgeries, and doctor information on hand for this. It is strongly recommended you do complete this at least one day ahead of your appointment because if you do wait until your appointment,  it will be part of your massage time. 

RETURNING clients will receive an assessment form up to 2 days prior their appointments. This includes an assessment of symptoms (cold/flu/COVID) and a primary complaint form. 

Your massage time does include the following:

  • Time for you to dress and undress.

  • Possibly a  5-10 minute assessment prior to the treatment depending on your concerns.

  • Your massage treatment.

  • A set of remedial exercises like strengthening and stretching may be recommended for you post treatment. 

Once the treatment is over, the RMT will leave the room to wash their hands, this will allow time for you to dress and prepare to pay as payment is done in the treatment room. We accept Debit, Debit tap, Credit cards (even AMEX), Android, Apple, Google and Interact e-transfer (sent to, exact cash.

It is always recommended you drink water after the appointment as the treatments facilitate the removal and transport of your body's natural waste.

You will receive an email receipt (pdf) at the end of the treatment. This can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement.

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