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What to expect going forward.

It is our aim to begin our re-opening according to the Ministry of Health and the College of Massage Therapist of Ontario.


So this is what it means.

Before your appointment:

You are required to complete an online COVID 19 pre-screening the day prior your appointment. I will email you the form one or two days before your appointment.  If you checked any symptoms or are sick please don't come in. You will be refused entry if this form has not been completed!

You are required to wear a mask coming to the appointment. This mask can be made of cloth or surgical and must be worn during the entire treatment. No shirt, no shoes, no massage. ;)

The front door  will be locked. I will come get you a few minutes before your appointment and you may text/message me that you have arrived. 

While entering the treatment room, you will be re-screened and your temperature taken. 

You are required to sanitize your hands - sanitizer available.

During your appointment:

I will be wearing a mask and goggles during the entire time.

Only one person in the treatment room.  No other family members are allowed. Exception made for young children that cannot be left alone, or substitute decision makers. 

Unfortunately we cannot offer water, candies and other comfort items at this time.

Before you leave your appointment:

Payment will be processed.

You are required to sanitize your hands again - sanitizer available.

We will not be re-booking appointments then. You will be re-booking online.

After your appointment, I will be...

Changing out the linens, disinfecting the table, face cradle, pillows, stool, chair, doorknobs, light switch, tablet and any other equipment that was used. 

This takes quite some time. I have therefore increased the break time in between appointments. This time will be respected even if family members have back to back appointments.

These restrictions can change at any time, depending on Public Health, Government or direction from The College of Massage Therapists.

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